Dragon Ball Super Director Comments on the Red Ribbon Army's New Design

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is bringing back one of the oldest villain collectives of the shonen series, with new androids set to fight the Z-Fighters. With the latest Anime Japan event focusing on anime franchises such as Attack on Titan, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and many others, the upcoming anime film had the opportunity to host a panel of its own, with the director of the movie taking the opportunity to break down the new look for the criminal organization that is set to make a major comeback.  

Kodama went into detail regarding the new headquarters of the Red Ribbon Army to start, explaining why it looks like an amusement park as well as detailing the work put into it by series creator Akira Toriyama:

"We developed the image based on the concept art drawn by Toriyama-Sensei, and added various elements. In this image, there is a large crater in a mountainous area, and a city like a park is built there. The concept is that the Red Ribbon Army actually resides here. Situated in a valley, the image is that of a place with fewer roads, making it difficult to use automobiles. Basically, the valley is traversed by monorail."

While the new take on the Red Ribbon Army will see new androids appear in the form of Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 to take on Gohan and Piccolo, Kodama also went into more detail of how the original look of the criminal organization is set to make an appearance in the movie:

"We set the "classic" concept for the planes seen in the movie like in the original manga. In this movie, the battle jackets and flying bikes will also appear with the same design as the Red Ribbon Army appeared in the past episodes. We have taken care to create a design that does not look out of place when mixed with those new mechs. We've also upgraded a lot of things in terms of functionality! Capacity has been increased and cargo space has been created. The nozzle at the bottom allows for vertical takeoff and landing."

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Via DBS Chronicles