Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Producer Explains The Movie's Title

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is a strange title for a series that has some wild movie titles to begin with, including the simplistic "Broly" along with "Resurrection of F" and "Battle of Gods," but there's a method in the madness as to why this title was chosen. Recently, a major producer for the film set to arrive this April broke down why they went with "Super Hero," along with revealing a number of other details for the next chapter of the Shonen's anime.   

With Goku and Vegeta training off-world during the events of the movie, seemingly alongside the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly who was the antagonist of the previous film, it's up to Gohan and Piccolo to take on the androids known as Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. Dragon Ball Super has mostly stuck with the main two Saiyan warriors of Goku and Vegeta throughout, so this makes for a definite change from the battles we've seen take place in this Shonen sequel series.

Producer Akio Iyoku took the opportunity to discuss the story of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, while also relating the process of how the title was chosen for the next chapter in the Shonen's anime:

"It's been almost 40 years since the start of the series but never before has there been a work with so much heart. We are using a different approach to express the visuals this time. This time, the story is centered around the master-disciple duo of Gohan and PIccolo. Up until now, everyone has been getting stronger and stronger. So, Earth is the stage this time. 'How will the people on Earth stand up to this threat?' is how we came up with this story. The title was decided after we had finished the story. There was a lot of discussion about having 'Super' in the title, but we wanted to convey the idea that everyone is a hero, which is why we decided on this title. It may be a bit cliche, but that's what we came up with."

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