Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Unpacks New Krillin Scene in the Manga

Dragon Ball Super's manga is now working its way through a special new arc adapting the events of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, and one scene from the newest chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga included a new moment from Krillin not seen in the movie. The first couple of months this year were showing off a special prequel arc leading into the events of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, and Krillin was already more involved from the beginning as he was witness to the teenage Goten and Trunks fighting crime as superheroes around their city. But that was not all. 

With the previous Dragon Ball Super manga chapter ending the prequel arc following Goten and Trunks, the newest chapter of the series has officially kicked off the manga's adaptation of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 of the manga revealed its take on the opening minutes of the movie, and revealed that Krillin was actually involved much earlier in the film's events than previously expected as he tried to keep Dr. Hedo from escaping prison. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

What is Krillin's New Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Scene? 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 fleshes out the opening moments of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and reveals that the West City Police Department was actually on top of the Red Ribbon Army's increased activity and had been monitoring them for a few months before the events of the movie. It's why when Magenta and the Red Ribbon Army approaches Dr. Hedo after the scientist escapes prison, Krillin is there to try to keep the prisoner from escaping

As Krillin follows the car with Magenta and Dr. Hedo, Hedo uses one of his insect drones to blast Krillin off the car and eventually make the escape we see in the movie. Krillin struggles quite a bit against this insect, and it goes to hint why the eventual Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 androids we see soon enough are as strong as they are when they make their debut. But with Krillin playing such a key role already, maybe there is more room to show off more of him as the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Arc continues. 

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