Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Unveils Its Newest Promo Art

Dragon Ball Super has given us three movies in the sequel series' career to date, with the likes of Battle of Gods, Resurrection of F, and Broly offering us new looks into the lives of the Z Fighters. With the next movie set to arrive this April, Super Hero will be taking the focus from Goku and Vegeta and instead will focus on the likes of Gohan, Piccolo, and Pan protecting the world, as new promo art has arrived. 

Aside from the arrival of this new movie, Dragon Ball fans are waiting on word as to when the television series will return to the airwaves, with the likes of the Moro Arc and Granolah The Survivor Arc being prime territory for Toei Animation to translate to the small screen. While there has been no official word, there have been rumors and hints swirling that 2022 might be the year that we see the series make its grand return. With the upcoming movie set to jump into the future of the series by a few years, while also seeing Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan in a new role as a training partner for Goku and Vegeta it seems, it will be interesting to see how the world of the Z Fighters has changed.

Twitter User DBS Hype shared this new promo from a recent issue of Shonen Jump, using the imagery from Super Hero's poster, along with several images from the movie itself to get fans hyped for the next round in the battle between the Z Fighters and the criminal organization known as the Red Ribbon Army:

Though Super Hero is set to arrive in Japan this April, fans in the West are waiting on word as to when they can expect the next chapter in Dragon Ball Super's story to hit theaters in North America. With recent news hitting that Jujutsu Kaisen 0 is hitting theaters around three months following the arrival of the prequel film in Japan, perhaps fans can expect the new Dragon Ball story to do the same, priming for a summer release.

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