Dragon Ball Z Star Pays Tribute to Vegeta's Mustache

One of the most notable elements of Dragon Ball GT wasn't just the introduction of the [...]

One of the most notable elements of Dragon Ball GT wasn't just the introduction of the transformation known as Super Saiyan 4, but also the inclusion of facial hair for the Prince of the Saiyans, and the English voice actor for Vegeta, Chris Sabat, has decided to honor the mustache of the anti-hero of the popular Shonen franchise! Though Vegeta did sport a beard in an episode of Dragon Ball Super, we have yet to see him return to his "previous glory" of his princely 'stache that he sported at the beginning of the Grand Tour before achieving Super Saiyan 4!

Dragon Ball GT might no longer be considered a part of the main continuity of the franchise, but it did hold several similar elements to Super. Vegeta started the sequel series as a family man, shown helping his daughter go shopping and terrorizing would-be suitors. Sporting not only a brand new mustache but a new hair-do as well, it didn't take long for the Prince of the Saiyans to dive into the world of fisticuffs once again as the nefarious Baby was attempting to eradicate the Saiyans for their past sins. GT might have fallen to the wayside but elements from the series have made their way into the spin-off series of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, such as the fan-favorite transformation of Super Saiyan 4.

The English voice of Vegeta, Chris Sabat, took the opportunity to comment on the Prince of the Saiyans' facial hair, seeing that Baby Vegeta was trending thanks to the villain's inclusion into the roster of the fighters that are a part of the fighting game, Dragon Ball FighterZ:

In Dragon Ball Super's manga, Vegeta has undergone a number of changes within the Moro Arc, not just when it comes to his fighting techniques, but also emotionally. With the wizard Moro tearing apart the alien world of Namek, the Prince of the Saiyans found himself set on a path to save the Namekians to make up for his previous sins of destroying the planet during the Freeza Arc.

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