Dragon Ball Z Cosplay Stuns With Sheron's Human Transformation

Since the very beginning of the Dragon Ball series, Akira Toriyama's series has made Shenron an essential part of the battles that took place involving the Z Fighters. Appearing to grant the wishes of countless characters, it's no surprise to see that fans are trying out their own interpretations of the Eternal Dragon, who has appeared more times than we can count. With new Dragon Balls continuing to spawn new dragons in the latest series of Dragon Ball Super, it seems as though the Eternals Dragons will continue playing a role in the lives of Goku and his friends for some time to come. 

Currently, the Dragon Balls of the Planet Cereal have introduced us to a new dragon, that only needs to be summoned with the collection of two tiny spheres. Granting Granolah, the intergalactic bounty hunter who is the last member of his race, the title of strongest being in the universe. While the dragon of Planet Cereal was able to make this wish come true, the wish itself came with a heavy price for Granolah, as the power that was injected into his body has reduced his lifespan to only three years. Hoping to take revenge against both the Saiyans, and Frieza, who were responsible for the death of his race, the Granolah The Survivor Arc is introducing plenty of new concepts to the world of Dragon Ball Super.

Instagram Cosplayer Kaori shared this new take on the classic dragon from the Dragon Ball series, showing how the Eternal dragon might look if given a more human makeover, which looks far different from some of the antagonists spawned from the Black Dragon Balls of Dragon Ball GT

Dragon Ball Super might have yet to reveal when the television series will make its triumphant return, but next year will see the arrival of the next film in the franchise, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Touting the return of the Red Ribbon Army while also promising to focus on characters that might get the short end of the stick in the overall story, such as Pan, Piccolo, Krillin, and others, it's clear that Shonen series is set to have a bright future ahead of it across a number of mediums. 


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