Dragon Ball Z Fan Fights COVID-19 With Goku Attire

Son Goku has fought some serious villains and powerful opponents during his time in the Akira Toriyama franchise of Dragon Ball, and one fan is using his attire to help fight a virus that is currently causing some serious problems in the world today with the coronavirus pandemic. Sharing their Goku gear on social media, the fan clearly has a love for the orange gear and aesthetic of the Saiyan warrior who was shot to Earth and easily became one of the most popular and recognizable anime characters in the medium today!

Goku himself suffered a disease himself at the start of the Android Saga, which the son of Vegeta, Trunks, from the future had warned him about. Considering Goku's character however, he failed to take the heart disease into account when he traveled with his friends to encounter the androids of Dr. Gero and Android 19, making it so that not even his Super Saiyan form was enough to help him win the battle and stay on his feet. Luckily for Goku, Vegeta had arrived in time to destroy 19 while also showing off the fact that he too had gained the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan. While the heart disease was never explored, it was definitely a fight that Goku wouldn't have won if Future Trunks had not intervened.

Reddit User Memo760 shared these Dragon Ball Z themed scrubs, showing that Goku's aesthetic and attire is able to appear in some of the most random places in the real world and showing just how influential the Akira Toriyama franchise has become:

Saw this and thought you might enjoy this from r/dbz

Recently, Goku and his friends have been fighting against one of their toughest foes in Dragon Ball Super, the ancient energy absorbing sorcerer known as Moro. Having the ability to steal power from both opponents and entire planets, the Z Fighters have had to take some serious lumps and not even Goku's mastered first form of Ultra Instinct, Ultra Instinct Sign, was enough to defeat the horned wizard. With Moro gaining an even bigger power up that has even put Vegeta's new Yardrat techniques to shame, Goku will need all the help he can get in taking down the new Super villain.

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