Dragon Ball Artist Gives The Z Fighters A Venomous Makeover

The Z Fighters of the Dragon Ball franchise are powerful enough to blow holes through planets and eradicate opponents in the blink of an eye, but one fan has given the likes of Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Broly a truly Venomous power up by giving them each their own version of the Marvel symbiote with some terrifying fan art. While the Shonen Saiyan warriors have never come into contact with Venom, or the other characters of the Marvel Universe, giving each of these fighters the living suits that became so popular thanks to Spider-Man would definitely shake things up.

The story of Eddie Brock was expanded thanks to the 2018 feature length film titled Venom, with a sequel in the works that will bring in the serial killer with a symbiote known as Cletus Kassady. While the sequel was delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, fans are still hyped to see the upcoming fight that will take place between Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson. Luckily for the Dragon Ball franchise, it has been able to mostly duck any of the ramifications of COVID-19, with the manga continuing to release new chapters on a monthly basis and the anime still out of action following the conclusion of the Tournament of Power arc.

Instagram Artist Prince_Rours shared these impressive new takes on the characters of the Dragon Ball franchise, slapping the likes of Goku, Vegeta, Broly, and Bulma into the living costumes that became one of the most popular characters in the roster of Marvel's Universe:

The Dragon Ball Super series has yet to announce when or if the anime series will be making a return, but we would imagine that once it does, it will be following the Moro Arc currently taking place in the manga that sees the Z Fighters struggling to defeat the energy absorbing sorcerer. We're crossing our fingers that before 2020 wraps, we'll get a better idea of the anime's return, whether it be via a television series or a new feature length film!

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