Fire Force Season 2 Drops Explosive New Poster

Fire Force Season 2 is continuing on its hot streak with the newest episode of the series, and now that it's three episodes in, the anime has debuted an explosive new poster teasing the next big conflict of the second season. Now that the second season is heading deeper into the Adolla Burst mystery and the chase is now afoot towards the newest awakening, Shinra and Special Fire Force Company 8 are about to come up against more powerful members of the White-Clad as the two groups try and claim the new burst for themselves.

This is going to kick off a number of fiery conflicts in the next few episodes of the series, and to celebrate, Fire Force has shared a new poster teasing these hot back and forths on the hunt for the Fifth Pillar. It's a character fans have seen in passing, and now we'll be seeing more of her! Check out the newest poster below:

Fire Force Season 2 has been officially confirmed to run for 24 episodes, and new additions to the cast for the second season include Miyuri Shimabukuro as Kasugatani Inka, Makoto Furukawa as Ogun Montgomery, Daisuke Ono as Pan Ko Paat, Kentaro Ito as Scop, Sho Hayami as Yata, and Takahiro Sakurai as Yuichiro Kurono.


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