Godzilla 4K Release Highlights the Monster's Best Look Yet

Godzilla is on our minds these days, and it is all thanks to the kaiju's big comeback. If you did not know, the monster will return to the big screen this month with Godzilla vs Kong following a slew of delays. Of course, this means a lot of fans are revisiting the start of the MonsterVerse, and a change is coming to its 2014 debut. After all, Godzilla is getting a 4K makeover, and a new still shows how much better the home video will make our favorite monster look.

The update comes courtesy of the official Godzilla page on Twitter. The movie account wanted to highlight what's next for the kaiju. It seems a top-notch makeover is on the calendar, and fans agree this version of Godzilla looks gorgeous.

As you can see above, Godzilla is shown in true 4K glory here, and the brightened still shows the monster in best form. The kaiju is shown roaring into the sky with his head tilted back. This pose gives fans a good look at all of Godzilla's scales and dorsal fins despite the cloudy background. Thanks to this 4K master, Godzilla looks nicer than ever before, and the scene is bright enough to show off details audiences may have missed originally.

If you want to check out Godzilla on 4K, you will be able to buy it soon enough. The master will hit shelves on March 23 just in time for fans to binge before Godzilla vs Kong premieres. The 4K Ultra HD pack can be found everywhere from Amazon to Best Buy, so you best lock in a pre-order while you can!


What do you make of this new look at Godzilla? Will you be checking out the 4K remaster? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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