Did You Catch the Godzilla Easter Egg in Independence Day?

Independence Day is one of the biggest blockbusters out there, and its high-octane action turned Will Smith into a bonafide action hero. Over the years, fans have come back to the film time and again on July 4th to celebrate, and the tradition carries on today. But thanks to one fan, netizens have spotted a Godzilla easter egg that has been hiding in plain sight this entire time without many knowing.

The detail was brought up by Reddit user USKillbotics who pointed out the movie detail. It was there the user pointed out a cameo made by Godzilla's foe King Ghidorah, and fans admit they had not noticed the reference before now.

"The kid in Independence Day (1996) is playing with a toy of King Ghidorah, another planet-killing alien monster," the post reads.

The kid in Independence Day (1996) is playing with a toy of King Ghidorah, another planet-killing alien monster from r/MovieDetails

As you can see above, the reference is hard to miss once it is pointed out. One of the kids in Independence Day is shown holding a toy of Ghidorah in their hand at the film's start. The three-headed dragon may not have rung the bell at first, but after the release of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, this creature is one who fans should recognize pretty easily.

This reference is appropriate given the violent nature of King Ghidorah and the aliens found in Independence Day. In the kaiju world, Ghidorah is a monster that hails from outer space. After crash landing on Earth, the dragon becomes Godzilla's greatest foe as the two beasts battled for dominance. Godzilla wins out in the end whenever they fight, but Ghidorah is more than able to destroy a world if he wanted. The same can be said about the Independence Day invaders, but instead of Godzilla, the pesky aliens had to worry about Captain Steven Hiller and President Thomas Whitmore instead.


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