Godzilla vs Kong Shares First Stills at CCXP

Godzilla vs Kong has kept fans hanging on for dear life since it wrapped, but it seems fans are [...]

Godzilla vs Kong has kept fans hanging on for dear life since it wrapped, but it seems fans are being treated to a break at last. The movie has undergone some challenges since it wrapped as its release date found itself shifting even before the pandemic hit. Now, it seems Godzilla vs Kong has found a way to debut as planned, and fans are being treated to a small peek at the show in celebration.

The preview came recently at the hands of CCXP. The annual convention is being held virtually this year, and WarnerMedia is hosting a six-hour stream to keep fans entertained at the event. This means a slew of content is expected to drop, and before the event began, CCXP kickstarted with a sizzle reel showing new images from Godzilla vs Kong.

You can check out the images above in all of their kaiju glory. The four images are split evenly between Godzilla and Kong, so fans are loving the new looks. After all, Godzilla can be seen beelining for battle while undersea, and he seems to be preparing a blast for some unseen target. As for Kong, the gorilla looks massive in this picture, and he is shown roaring at a foe that is off-screen. The pair could be fighting one another in these shots, but fans aren't convinced that is necessarily the case.

Currently, Godzilla vs Kong is slated for a release on May 21, 2021 and will be released in theaters simultaneously with a HBO Max launch. The film is officially described as such, "In a new world where man and monster now coexist, Monarch must lead the way to a prosperous future alongside the Titans, keeping humanity in check. However, rival factions that want to manipulate the Titans for war begin to rise under the guise of a nefarious conspiracy, threatening to wipe out all life on the planet. Meanwhile, on Skull Island, strange seismic activity draws the attention of Godzilla and Kong alike."

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