Godzilla vs Kong Gets Official PG-13 Rating

Godzilla vs Kong has kept fans in the dark for some time now, but the movie has surfaced at last with an update. A new report by the Motion Pictures Association has revealed the film's official rating. It turns out the epic crossover will be rated PG-13, and it will have enough action to keep any kaiju lover satisfied.

The announcement went live this week as the MPA gave Godzilla vs Kong a rating alongside Deadly Illusions. The MonsterVerse movie was given a solid PG-13 rating due to its "intense sequences of creature violence/destruction and brief language."

As expected, Godzilla vs Kong will make itself available to the widest audiences possible while keeping its action on brand. A PG rating would not be heavy enough for a crossover like this, but an R-rating would hinder the film's box office. Given the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, a dismal box office return is unacceptable for a studio like Warner Bros. Pictures. So when Godzilla vs Kong debuts this fall, fans can expect some big explosions from it.

Godzilla Kong Kaiju IRL Foe
(Photo: Legendary Pictures)

Of course, this news has fans intrigued as many are wondering whether a trailer could be on the way. No official footage of Godzilla vs Kong has been shown yet as only industry insiders got a peek at the film last year during a convention. The stars of Godzilla vs Kong have only had praise for the crossover, but fans want to see a teaser for themselves. If the movie has a rating by the MPA, which means a mostly finished cut of Godzilla vs Kong is out there. But as COVID-19 continues to break production schedules globally, it could be a while before a fully finished trailer is ready to debut.

For now, fans are simply hoping this crossover is released as planned. The movie is expected to premiere on November 19. It will be going up a week after Black Widow enters theaters, so competition will be tough at the box office. That is if the pandemic has lessened enough for theaters to reopen this fall.


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