Godzilla vs Kong Director Reveals Why Serizawa's Son Was Brushed Aside

It has been about a month since Godzilla vs Kong made its debut stateside, and the movie is still [...]

It has been about a month since Godzilla vs Kong made its debut stateside, and the movie is still wowing fans around the globe. The big MonsterVerse sequel checked in on two familiar titans as they prepared to battle for dominance, but they were not the only returning stars. A few human characters showed up in this crossover while a favorite hero was mentioned. And now, fans have heard from director Adam Wingard on why the Serizawa tie was dropped from the film.

The whole thing began when Wingard did an AMA over on Reddit to talk about Godzilla vs Kong. It was there a fan asked why Ren Serizawa was introduced with no exploration of his ties to Ishiro Serizawa. After all, his father was the scientist who helped expand Monarch starting back in Godzilla. But according to Wingard, the choice was made simply because of time.

(Photo: Warner Bros / Legendary)

"[I] just didn't have the time in the plot to get more into it. Felt interesting leaving it mysterious. I hear the novelization expands on that. I need to check it out," Wingard answered before adding a bit more about the novelizations.

"I hear it has a lot of scenes that were never even in the script. Should be cool to see that take, also I hope it expands on the monster's inner thoughts."

For those who do not know about the MonsterVerse books, there are several novels associated with the franchise. Ren was mentioned way back in one novel by name before taking center stage in Godzilla vs Kong. As the book puts it, Ren felt his father never gave him enough attention in light of Ishiro's obsession with Godzilla. However, the boy looked up to his dad, and he hoped to imitate him in certain ways. However, his jealous nature brought him into leagues with Apex Cybernetics where his genius would be used to antagonize Godzilla to Ishiro's eternal shame.

For better or worse, the Serizawa bloodline wasn't factored into Godzilla vs Kong. A time constraint kept fans from learning more about the father-son duo, so Dr. Serizawa's legacy is mostly unscathed. But for some, they cannot help but wonder what might have been if the subplot had been kept intact.

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