Godzilla vs Kong's Distribution Could Bring a Legal Battle to Warner Bros.

Earlier this month, movie buffs were stunned to learn WarnerMedia's plan for distributing its 2021 [...]

Earlier this month, movie buffs were stunned to learn WarnerMedia's plan for distributing its 2021 movie slate. The company revealed it intends to release its movies in theaters simultaneously with a HBO Max debut. This hybrid model has been the talk of fans ever since, but it seems some issues are rubbing up with the deal because of Godzilla vs Kong. After all, a report from Variety says Legendary Entertainment isn't on-board with the model and might take legal action if ongoing conversations do not pan out.

The lengthy report makes some interesting claims about Warner Bros. Pictures and its recent announcement. Variety suggests Legendary was not informed about the hybrid distribution model before it was made public to the world. This has left the production company sour as it footed much of the bill for Godzilla vs Kong along with Dune.

(Photo: Legendary Entertainment)

According to the figures, Legendary financed the majority of cost on both blockbusters. Dune is said to have cost roughly $175 million while Godzilla vs Kong followed at $160 million. Despite this, Legendary wasn't involved in talks about this new distribution model. This reportedly prompted the company to initiate conversations with Warner Bros. about its associated films.

Variety suggests Legendary wants to ensue it will recoup money on these films, so talks are being negotiated fo a better cut on its behalf. Given the companies' history with one another, fans are optimistic a deal will be settled, but this report says Legendary isn't taking legal action "off the table" should a compromise fail to materialize. At this time, no litigation has been submitted, but Variety says a "suit could materialize early this week" likely concerning some breach of contract.

For now, buffs will have to wait and see what awaits Godzilla vs Kong and Dune. The pair are still slated to debut using WarnerMedia's hybrid model, but that could change. Legendary has a vetted interested in ensuring these films make back their budget and then some. But with the pandemic still moving forward, safety and accessibility concerns are stretching the movie business to its limits.

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