Gundam Boils Over with Impressive Teapot Merchandise

Mobile Suit Gundam has introduced the world of anime to countless mech suits throughout its long history, but one of the biggest threats to the Gundams was the Zaku, used by the Principality of Zeon in an attempt to further their goals, and the franchise has unleashed an insane new teapot set that replicates the look of this enemy unit. With this year seeing the release of Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash into theaters, following being delayed thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic, it seems as if Gundam fans will have the opportunity to add some strange merch to their collection.

The Zaku Teapot will retail for around $252 USD, with the website of Premium Bandai going into detail about the creation of the strange merchandise as well as the steps that were taken in its creation. Set to release via the website and in Gundam Cafes in Japan, the teapot will be made available to fans in late June.

Gundam Teapot Set
(Photo: Sunrise)

The Teapot is labeled as a "Nanbu Tekki Zaku Teapot" with Premium Bandai going into more detail regarding the creations of the merch and the producers responsible for the item, even sharing images of the teapots being forged:

"Nanbu Tekki in Oshu City is said to have started when Kiyohira Fujiwara invited a caster from Omi no Kuni (Shiga Prefecture) in the Heian period (1088). In this neighborhood, the casting industry prospered and became established because it was easy to obtain mold materials such as iron sand, charcoal from the hinterland of the Kitakami Mountains, and high-quality sand and clay from the ruins of the Kitakami River in Haneda. did. It is said that the castings of Oshu City played a part in Hiraizumi culture during the heyday of Hiraizumi, which is a historical heritage site. During the Edo period, under the protection of the Date feudal clan, the production of castings of daily necessities such as iron pots and iron pots, as well as Buddhist implements, flourished."


Though it's unknown whether the Zaku units will have a big presence in the upcoming Hathaway's Flash, which will act as a sequel of sorts to the original anime series, it's clear that the mobile suits are some of the most recognizable outside of the normal Gundam suits.

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