Halsey Wows Fans with Studio Ghibli Artwork

Halsey might be known best for her infectious music, but the singer has more talent to her than singing. It turns out the accomplished artist knows a thing or two about paining, and a recent piece she did honoring Studio Ghilbi has fans stunned. And if we're being honest, director Hayao Miyazaki would only have nice things to say about this Chihiro tribute.

The artwork seems to have been done just before the pandemic set off lockdowns across the United States and globe. To celebrate a day off from work, Halsey decided it was time to break out her water colors for a sketch. The artist's inspiration led her to Spirited Away, so she did a simple painting of Chihiro which blew fans away.

As you can see below, Halsey did more than just sketch out Chihiro; The singer-songwriter brought the heroine to life in poignant color. Using an array of water colors, Halsey painted Chihiro standing beside a moss-covered rock with a face. The heroine of Spirited Away is eyeing the rock with her hands clutching her oversized striped sweater.

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From its line art to its color palate, this Studio Ghibli fan-art is hard to tell from the real thing. It is clear that Halsey has a real talent when it comes to painting, and she is continuing to use those skills today. It wasn't long ago the singer drew a design for High Brew Coffee which will help benefit food charities around the country. And when it comes to anime, well - Halsey has never been shy about her geeky interests. Her profile picture on Instagram is Chibiusa, and Halsey's love for Sailor Moon is very well documented on social media. From maining D.Va in Overwatch to drawing anime fan-art, Halsey is a fan just like any other, and we'd definitely buy a print of this Spirited Away artwork if she opened an Etsy!

Did you have any idea about Halsey's otaku side? Which other Studio Ghibli films should she try painting? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!