High School DxD Cosplay Puts Rias Back in the Spotlight

One High School DxD cosplay has put Rias Gremory back in the spotlight! High School DxD is one of [...]

One High School DxD cosplay has put Rias Gremory back in the spotlight! High School DxD is one of the most notable franchises of all time as it's always caused quite a stir among fans with each of its major releases. This was already true for Ichiei Ishibumi and Miyama-Zero's original light novel releases, but it exploded into a whole new wave of popularity with the debut of its official anime adaptation. Its blend of fan service elements, action, and humor was a huge hit with fans, and this was especially true for its collection of main heroines like Rias Gremory.

Ever since Rias made her big debut in the anime along with all of the other devilish characters in the High School DxD franchise, she has been one of the leading figures outside of the anime world as well. When it comes to these kinds of series, High School DxD is held in quite a legendary regard due to the effectiveness of characters like Rias. Now artist @mk_ays has tapped into this effectiveness and legendary quality with some truly great cosplay that puts the spotlight back on the queen. Check it out below:

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While the anime franchise is currently at a standstill following the release of the fourth season back in 2018 (which featured some major changes behind the scenes), Yen Press has licensed High School DxD's original light novels for a release in English, and they finally started their release stateside last Fall. The first novel is officially described as such:

"I'm going to make this school my harem! When a cute girl asks Issei out, he believes his twisted fantasies are finally coming true. Too bad the girl sprouts a pair of black wings and stabs him with a spear on their first date! Saved by his school's number one beauty, Rias Gremory, Issei is transformed into a demon and made her servant. Issei hopes to rise through the ranks of demonkind to grow powerful enough to create his harem, but in a city with fallen angels and insane priests, he'll be lucky if he can live long enough to do it!"

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