Hunter x Hunter Cosplay Brings Back Chrollo

Hunter x Hunter, unfortunately, is still on hiatus in both the world of manga and anime, with fans [...]

Hunter x Hunter, unfortunately, is still on hiatus in both the world of manga and anime, with fans of Gon and the other hunters waiting for Yoshihiro Togashi's epic Shonen saga to return, and one fan has taken the opportunity to bring to life one of the scariest villains of the series in Chrollo! Chrollo, for those who might not know, is the leader of the Phantom Troupe who was more powerful than even Hisoka, the Nen user who had been beguiling the main heroes of the world that introduced anime fans to the Hunter Association!

When the Phantom Troupe was first introduced in Hunter x Hunter, they showed their overall strength by eliminating some of the strongest members of the mafia that were considered the best warriors around the world. Chrollo himself took some time to show off his ultimate power and the last time that fans of the franchise saw the villain, he was able to handily defeat Hisoka, right before the anime story went on hiatus. While we don't know when Hunter x Hunter will be making its grand return, there are certainly a large number of fans that want to know the current status of Chrollo and the other hunters, good and evil!

Instagram Cosplayer Vivi Chibi Cosplay shared this impressive take on the stoic leader of the Phantom Troupe who were ultimately responsible for the death of Kurapika's clan, which caused the young hunter to dedicate his life to revenge and learn more about the energy that flowed throughout the anime's world:

The Hunter Association gives, those with licenses, abilities that are far above those of regular citizens in the world of Hunter x Hunter, to travel the world at their own discretion and almost live outside the rule of law. Chrollo and the Phantom Troupe have continued to be one of the strongest collection of rogue hunters the world over, and we certainly hope to see the franchise return so we can see how their story will come to a close someday!

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