JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Makes Hilarious Change to One Copyrighted Joke

Stone Ocean has finally arrived on Netflix, with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fans celebrating the arrival of Jolyne Cujoh and the new Stand battles that come with Part Six. In the course of the first seasons of the anime adaptation, the series has had to make some changes when it comes to the names of characters and Stands in order to avoid copyright claims, and it seems the same can be said of Stone Ocean, with a major, hilarious change being made thanks to a reference made by the heroic character, Ermes Costello.

Stone Ocean follows the story of the daughter of Stardust Crusader, Jotaro Kujo, as Jolyne Cujoh attempts to free herself from a maximum-security prison for a crime that she didn't commit. Given a Stand of her own, we also witness the story of her friends Ermes Costello and Foo Fighters as they attempt to help her achieve her goals. During one scene in an early episode, Ermes attempts to make sure that her memory is intact after discovering the power of her own Stand, Kiss, and in the manga recalls the birthday of Mickey Mouse. In the anime, however, the Disney mascot has been changed from Mickey to Bugs Bunny, most likely thanks to Warner Bros' role in the creation of Part Six. 

Twitter Outlet Yonkou Productions spotted the change from the early episode of Stone Ocean, comparing the animated sequence to that of the manga, showing that some slight changes weren't just made to the names of the Stands in the story that revolves around Green Dolphin Street Prison:

Currently, twelve episodes of Stone Ocean are available to stream on Netflix, telling the first adventures of Jolyne as she attempts to not only clear her name but also discover the secrets of the Stand, White Snake, while also attempting to save her father's life. While the streaming service has yet to reveal when fans can expect more episodes of Part Six to land, December is definitely looking to be a massive month for the story of the Joestars, with a new manga spin-off set to arrive before 2022. 

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