JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Teases Anime Expo Lite Panel

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has been a cult hit for decades now, and its push into the mainstream has been a thing of beauty. Over the past few years, the JoJo franchise has become a popular watch amongst shonen lovers, and they are plenty excited for the next season to go live. That is why all eyes are on Anime Expo Lite as the team behind JoJo will host a virtual panel for the event, and the first teaser has gone live of what's to come.

Recently, the official page for JoJo hit up fans online to tease the big panel. It turns out the anime will take the stage during the Warner Bros. Japan panel as usual, and it will feature some special guests related to Golden Wind.

"We will be taking a look at behind-the-scenes of the Golden Wind with special guest, the legendary composer Yugo Kanno," the page confirmed.

Golden Wind
(Photo: David Production)

The panel, which will take place Friday at 8:00 PM PST, promises to be one that fans better not miss. JoJo has been hyping its presence at Anime Expo Lite ever since the virtual convention was announced. The event has been a good one for JoJo as its in-person conventions prior to this year embraced the anime to its fullest. The show had one of the most packed panels last year at Anime Expo, and it brought together thousands of fans who all love JoJo.

Of course, fans are curious about what kind of being reveals may be made at this event, but there is no word on that. So far, all of the tweets hyping the event have been focused on Golden Wind. That has prompted fans to speculate new OVAs are on the way, and they are hopeful one of them adapts the Purple Haze Feedback short story.


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