JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Star Announces the Birth of Their First Child

The anime fandom is gathering together to celebrate a star's big family addition. Over the weekend, netizens were taken by surprise when voice actor Yuki Ono posted a message on their blog. It was there the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure star announced the birth of his first child, and fans were quick to congratulate the actor for the safe delivery.

According to Anime News Network, Ono and his wife welcomed a healthy baby boy within the past few days. He posted a short blog post assuring fans the baby was fine, and he hopes to provide for his family well with his voice acting career.

"I have an announcement for you all. My son was just born as my first child. Things have finally settled down around us, so I can now make this announcement," the actor shared.

(Photo: David Production )

"In the midst of all the troubles in the world right now, my son was born healthy. I want to raise him tenderly with the help of my wife. I will continue to do my utmost every day as a breadwinner and as a voice actor, so I humbly ask for your continued support."

A few years ago, fans may remember Ono being in the news because of his wife. The actor announced his marriage to the world after being married for seven years. The actor apologized to fans for keeping his relationship quiet, but Ono said he did so to protect his wife as she is not part of the industry. Now, the couple has welcomed their first child, and fans are ecstatic for the two.


As for Ono himself, well - you will definitely know his work even if his name doesn't ring a bell. The actor voices Josuke in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure as well as Isami Aldini in Food Wars and Romio Inuzuka in Boarding School Juliet.

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