Hilarious JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Post Illustrates the Best Thing About Stands

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has become a cult hit with fans across the globe, and that is by no accident. The outlandish series manages to outdo even the most insane anime, and JoJo does it was poise and grace. If you have ever seen the series, JoJo will evoke images of body glitter, crazy battles, and untouchable memes. And for those who have been introduced to Stands, well - there is a viral post you've got to see.

Over on Twitter, the user KumaZone summed up a fact that JoJo fans have tried to put into words for so long. The user decided it was time to voice their thoughts on Stands, but they didn't approach the supernatural beings like a Joestar. They asked what it must be like to live in the JoJo Universe as a bystander when Stands are being used in a nearby battle.

"Canonically in JJBA normal people can't see stands, imagine just going about your day and you see 2 fashion models staring each other down, then suddenly they both strike a pose and yell out the names of some 80s bands and one of them just gets f-cking mangled like it's suspiria," the user tweeted.

After thousands of responses, you can see why this post has gone viral. JoJo is one of the more dynamic shows out there, but it does keep its focus insular. The Joestar clan and its allies come into view most often along with the season's villains. It is not often you're given an outsider's perspective in the show's recent seasons. That is something that needs to be fixed ASAP, and netizens have pitched ways to do so that creator Hirohiko Araki needs to hear.


Of these, the best we've seen comes from Pandosham who wants a JoJo horror game that is told from the POV of a non-stand user. Such a game would cover some serious trauma, but fans would also take a manga or OVA depicting such an event. After all, Araki has mastered the art of thinking outside the box, and he could do A LOT with this spin-off material.

How badly do you want this idea to play into the JoJo anime? Would you be willing to pitch the idea to Araki? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.