Jujutsu Kaisen Prepares Yuji for His Next Sacrifice

Jujutsu Kaisen has reached an interesting turning point in the Culling Game, but it seems like the newest chapter of the series is already gearing up for Yuji Itadori's next big sacrifice. The latest chapters of the series have kicked off a transitional phase as following seeing each of Yuji's team getting into their first significant fight in the deadly tournament, Yuji and Megumi have reunited together with some new allies as they get ready for the next phase of their overall plan. But while they're getting closer to saving Satoru Gojo, there's a big wrench in the plan already.

With the previous chapter of the series bringing Yuji and Megumi together with Hana Kurusu, who has the Angel Cursed Spirit that can help free Gojo from the Prison Realm with their power, the two of them found out that the only way they will do so is if they are able to kill Sukuna. With Yuji's body housing Sukuna for now, he's quickly come to the conclusion fans had expected when they found out this news, Yuji's going to sacrifice himself and die if it would mean helping everyone else out of this jam. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 200 of Jujutsu Kaisen picks up right after Sukuna contacts Yuji and tells him that he's the "Disgraced One" that Angel is talking about, and wants to kill as a result. Upon finding this out, Megumi instantly understands that Yuji would be willing to die, and Yuji comes to the same conclusion. Wondering why Sukuna would bother with telling him he's the Disgraced One in the first place, Yuji believes it means that Angel could wipe out Sukuna without giving the Cursed Spirit a chance to return. 

Yuji believes it's no problem for him because his death will not only help free Gojo, but also take care of half of Sukuna's remains that he's ingested over the run so far. Megumi inherently understands this about his friend, but at the same time it's clear that he wants to try and find some other solution. But there's not going to be much time as the Culling Game is about to get much more intense in the coming chapters. 

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