This Legend of Korra Cosplay Awes Fans with Its IRL Waterbending

There are plenty of fandoms to check out when it comes to cosplaying, but there are few as creative as the Avatar fandom. The franchise has been inspiring fans for years to test Aang's way of life or try the art of fighting as Katara did. The arrival of The Legend of Korra only grew the fandom further, and there are plenty of cosplays out there to prove it. Now, one fan has found themselves going viral after their stunning Korra cosplay made the rounds on TikTok, and it is quite a sight to see.

The whole thing started when user rumorcosplay got fans buzzing with a video showcasing their Legend of Korra look. The cosplayer did a waterbending routine using home-made scarfs which were soaked to weigh them down. The end product made it look like the fan was really water bending, and their video has been viewed over five million times now.


@lunapotter92 ..sometimes..😂😂This was just a steady pattern for photos- also right after soaking them in the river😂 ##atla ##korra ##poi ##waterbender

♬ Avatar: The Last Airbender Theme - Samuel Kim

As you can see, the love is greatly deserved, and the routine is only made better by the fan's cosplay of Korra. Her costume looks on point from head to toe. Korra is rocking her usual Water Tribe hair style, and she is dressed in a blue sleeves tank. The outfit is finished with thick blue pants, winter boots, and a fur-lined pelt that cinched around their waist.

In a video following this viral upload, rumorcosplay goes on to explain that they made these bending scarves some years ago. They have made some for air bending and fire bending as well using some craft materials. To help starter cosplayers, rumorcosplay hopes to begin selling these scarves shortly, and we are sure Legend of Korra fans will eat up these impressive cosplay accessories.

What do you think of this impressive Avatar cosplay? Does her bending routine do the series justice? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.