Gundam Creator Challenges Batman's Sex Debate with a Frank Rebuttal

It isn't often the sex life of our favorite pop culture icons comes into question, but that seems [...]

It isn't often the sex life of our favorite pop culture icons comes into question, but that seems to be reversed these days. Right now, the comics industry is in a tizzy after the news went live about Batman and a vetoed seduction of Catwoman. When it was revealed DC Comics nixed the possibility of Batman performing oral sex on the vixen, the fandom was left stunned, and that is why Gundam's creator is coming around online with some wise words.

After all, Tomino Yoshiyuki has been with Gundam since day one, and he is responsible for most of its favorite characters. Now, fans are echoing words Yoshiyuki shared in an interview from the early 1990s as he said separating sex from characters isn't something to celebrate.

gundam sex batman

The interview was housed in Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack. It was there Yoshiyuki got frank about Char's sex drive, and he said that information helped him better form the pilot's love interest Nanai.

"To a certain degree as you get older, you can really understand a person through that part (sex)... and at those times, you can't detach sex from your thinking. That's why I absolutely have to imagine what Nanai's vagina is like. It's something I particularly think about during the scriptwriting phase," the creator wrote. "It was a challenge to myself to figure out what this woman would be like when she's sitting there, being made love to. It was no trifling matter."

Continuing, Yoshiyuki got onto the topic of oral sex, and he is all in favor of the act. If he were overseeing Batman, then Bruce would have no issues expanding his foreplay as Yoshiyuki says female characters deserve sexual gratification as much as real women.

"They start moaning as soon as their character gets touched by a man. There are times I find myself thinking, 'The guy wasn't dexterous enough to warrant that reaction!' Or something like, 'Have some pride when you're being made love to!' I get really exasperated, wondering why on earth they don't think something like, 'If this man doesn't lick my vagina, I'll beat the crap out of him!'"

So, there you have it. Yoshiyuki might not make sex a big deal in the Gundam franchise, but his characters' sex drives are always factored in. From Amuro to Char, this discovery is vital to fleshing out characters in Yoshiyuki's opinion, so maybe DC Comics needs to rethink its stance with Batman...

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