Did My Hero Academia Just Drop a Major Hint About All For One's Future?

To call the latest chapter of My Hero Academia a "game-changer" would be a serious understatement. At the heart of the current "Paranormal Liberation War" arc are the dueling powers of One For All and All For One, which have been endowed to Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki (respectively). With Deku and Shigaraki now locked into a potentially world-shattering battle, it seems the legacy of All For One is coming to fruition with the Paranormal Liberation War. However, in My Hero Academia chapter 270 we also get some new backstory that may tip the hat about what All For One has planned for the future!

Warning - My Hero Academia manga chapter 270 SPOILERS Follow!

The bulk of My Hero Academia's latest manga chapter deals with the origin of All For One's disciple, Dr. Ujiko, aka Dr. Garaki. After the heroes capture Ujiko, the mad scientist spills his guts about how he came to be All For One's follower, after his "Paranormal Singularity Theory" made him a societal outcast. Garaki also reveals more about his own unique quirk, "Life Force." Garaki's ability extends his lifespan long past its natural run, at the cost of weakening his physical mobility. My Hero Academia also just revealed that Garaki gave his quirk to All For One, and has been using a copy of it instead. If that all seems like some very specific set of circumstances for finally explaining this particular quirk, you're not alone.

My Hero Academai Paranormal Quirk Singularity Theory Origin Garki Ujiko

It's a pretty convenient coincidence that Garaki's power requires an exchange of longevity for mobility, and that it is All For One who is currently in possession of it. The Pro Heroes and police that have All For One in a maximum security prison, think that they have the villain completely immobilized, and his quirks suppressed. However, it doesn't seem like Life Force is a very well-known quirk - and we now know that All For One could have an entire army of quirks inside of him, and since he and Garaki could copy those same quirks, they could conceivably steal them without some victims even knowing they had been robbed at all.


That's all to say: If All For One has access to Life Force quirk, then keeping him immobilized may be the very thing that's now helping the villain revitalize himself. In the disastrous aftermath of the Paranormal Liberation War, My Hero Academia may have an even stronger version of All For One finally re-enter the world, looking to shape a new one from the ashes of the old one he's helped burned down.

My Hero Academia has finished airing season 4 of the anime on Hulu and Funimation. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.