My Hero Academia Revisits All Might's Worst Moment in New Chapter

All Might may have been the symbol of peace in My Hero Academia, but that doesn't mean he has won [...]

All Might may have been the symbol of peace in My Hero Academia, but that doesn't mean he has won every battle. The Pro Hero has lamented his failures to save others from time to time, but All Might an into a few gnarly fights back in the day. His worst one yet left the hero in mourning as his beloved master sacrificed herself to save him, and that battle was brought up in the manga's latest chapter in a subtle way.

The new chapter of My Hero Academia paid homage to the battle as Izuku found himself up against Shigaraki. The villain might have been a chump once, but his recent inheritance of All For One has turned him into a menace. The Quirk has made the baddie more powerful than Izuku by far, and the hero almost got himself killed by running headlong to battle Shigaraki.

Of course, this is where the echo comes into play. Just like how All Might was saved back in the day, Gran Torino stepped in to save Izuku this time. The old man is the go-to person when it comes to rescuing the users of One For All. He saved Yagi Toshinori years ago from All For One when the boy got in over his head, and he did the same for Izuku during the manga's new arc.

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"When I heard 'One For All' over the comms, I had a real bad feeling. Were you kids looking to scrap with that thing," Gran Torino told the boy.

"Shigaraki's decay obliterates anything he touches and then some! Even getting hit with a piece of stray rubble with kill you. As you are now, you don't stand a chance."

For now, Shigaraki is out of Izuku's league, and that truth will haunt the boy for some time to come. He has less time than ever to master One For All if he wants to save the world, but that is easier said than done. But if he has guys like Gran Torino on his side, Izuku should be able to get through anything.

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