My Hero Academia Channels Johnny Bravo with All Might Mash-Up

The "Superman" of the My Hero Academia universe is easily one of the most recognizable character of the series in All Might, with his wide grin and platinum blonde hair, and one fan believed that his appearance was close to that of another animated icon with Cartoon Network's Johnny Bravo. Though the two characters could not be more different when it comes to their personalities, with Bravo being a far more selfish character than All Might, it's clear that their appearances are close enough that one artist decided to fuse the two together based on their similar features!

Johnny Bravo has been off the air for some time, originally premiering in the late 90s on Cartoon Network as one of their "Cartoon Cartoons", featuring a burly protagonist who would spend his days hitting on women and getting into crazy adventures. The series ended in 2004 and hasn't seen a resurrection of any kind since its finale, but that doesn't stop fans from recollecting his strange journey throughout the channel. Bravo was one of the premiere series that helped build the reputation of Cartoon Network, helping it to become the juggernaut that was responsible for the likes of Toonami and Adult Swim!

Reddit Artist 453IKG shared this amazing art work that fuses together the two animated characters that have blonde hair and burly physiques in common, imagining Johnny Bravo if he were to slap on the super hero outfit of the "Symbol of Peace" of the My Hero Academia universe:

All bravo! from r/BokuNoHeroAcademia

All Might hasn't exactly been in ideal fighting shape since his final battle against All For One, as Toshinori Yagi had to use the remainder of his quirk of One For All in order to bring down the leader of the League of Villains. With his time as the "Symbol of Peace" now done, Yagi has taken on a new job as a teacher at UA Academy. Continuing his position as Midoriya's mentor, All Might is still working to save the world from villainy and mold Deku into becoming the new hope for the world and a worthy inheritor of his quirk!

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