My Hero Academia Explores How Much All Might Terrifies All For One

My Hero Academia has been pushing All For One to the brink, and the newest chapter of the series has demonstrated just how big of a horrifying impact All Might had on the villain even as he continues to take on new threats! As the final war between the heroes and villains heats up, Endeavor has been in the midst of a fiery comeback against one of the strongest villains in the series so far. It's pushing All For One to such an extent that even the villain is starting to have flashbacks to the last time he actually felt any sense of danger in a fight at all.

When we had last seen All Might facing off against All For One, it was a major display of power in which the hero was able to overcome the villain. Of course this is far from All Might's prime, and a loss was a part of the villain's plan, but it was a tease for just how the two of them might have clashed in their prime. As All For One faces off against Endeavor in this final fight, he's been having All Might flashbacks as the terrifying threat from the hero still has a major impact on his psyche overall. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 357 of My Hero Academia sees All For One reacting to Endeavor's intense new flames, and even the villain recognizes that Endeavor's last effort was a "close one" and reacts to the fact that he felt some actual danger in that brief moment. He then reveals that he never expected for Endeavor to remind him of the "pain and misery" of his fight with All Might years ago (likely resulting in the wounds we see him with the current day) with the villain even noting that wounded heroes are "always the scariest." So while the villain is indeed fearsome, an All Might at his peak is that much more. 

Considering all of All For One's power and confidence through the series so far, it really does highlight just how terrifying All Might was as a hero when he had his full power. This final war likely would never have happened if that were the case, and All Might is still casting a shadow over this final fight even without his full involvement. Now it's just a matter of seeing whether or not Endeavor has more luck than the former number one hero in beating All For One for good. 

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