My Hero Academia Explains How Shinso's Training Made Him More Dangerous Than Ever

My Hero Academia's fifth season isn't just pitting Class 1-A against their rivals in 1-B, but it is also bringing in a new element to the table in Shinso, a former general studies student who is attempting to become a fully-fledged hero himself, and the latest episode of the anime shows us how the would-be crime fighter has developed his Quirk. With the Quirk of "Brainwash" at his disposal, Shinso can bring a target under his "spell" forcing them to follow his directions, though he has found a way to trick his opponents in a clever fashion.

Paired with Class 1-A in the first training exercise, the biggest technique that Shinso has trained to do is mimic the voices of anyone around him using his "Persona Chords", which is a combination of his own Quirk and the technology that he wears over his mouth. In order for his opponents to get brainwashed, they must reply to any statement that he makes, and thus, Shinso can more easily target them if he mimics his voice to sound more like the friends of those in his sights. Needless to say, Shinso's power has a big effect on the training exercise.

My Hero Academia Shinso
(Photo: Studio Bones)

During the latest installment, Shinso is able to keep "Vine" in line by brainwashing her, leaving Apocabeast and Dragon Shroud the only members left of 1-B during the Joint Training Exercise exam's initial battle. Unfortunately for 1-B, their prediction of how Shinso would use his tactics backfired on them as the shaggy hero did not heed his partner's warning, causing the two to smack together.

As we've seen, Shinso might have assisted 1-A in the preliminary battle, but he is going to be head to head with Midoriya in a later match in the training exercise. On top of the power of his Quirk, Shinso has also been training alongside the former vigilante turned teacher in Eraserhead, learning to harness the power of his "cloth" to make himself far more of an offensive and defensive threat to his opponents. This wouldn't be the first time that Izuku has been brainwashed, but it's clear that Shinso is far more powerful than he once was during the Sports Festival.


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