My Hero Academia Art Imagines a Dark Uravity

My Hero Academia Fan Art creates a decidedly darker iteration of Ochaco.

Despite the world of My Hero Academia becoming darker with each storyline, some of the heroes of UA Academy have stuck to their guns and remained bright-eyed and optimistic despite the forces that they are facing. Ochaco is a prime example of a young crime fighter that has managed to stay in the light, even managing to pull Deku back from the brink during the "Dark Hero Saga" that played out in the anime's latest season. Now, some stellar fan art has imagined what Uravity might have looked like had she taken a much darker approach to fighting crime.

In the latest manga arc, without diving too deeply into spoiler territory, Uravity has been fighting against Toga as a part of the shonen series' final arc. Despite Toga becoming one of the most powerful beings on the planet thanks to the evolution of her Quirk, Ochaco did her best at attempting to stop his reign of revenge on Hero Society. Rather than attempting to take her life, Uravity took an approach that was true to her character and proved that Ochaco might be in the running for the new Symbol of Peace if Deku isn't up to the task at the end of the day. 

Defying Uravity

In My Hero Academia's sixth season, anime fans were able to witnes Deku making the decision to sport a far darker look as a result of the after-effects of the Paranormal Liberation War. With Hero Society about to fall apart, the wielder of One For All was trying to hold it together by himself, leaping from crime to crime at a frantic pace. Needless to say, if Ochaco was to follow suit, her appearance would be far darker than her current look, as this new fan art demonstrates.

While My Hero Academia has confirmed that a seventh season of its anime is in the works by Studio BONES, the franchise has yet to confirm when we can expect Deku and Class 1-A to make a comeback. While Midoriya might no longer be sporting his darker attire in the upcoming season, that doesn't mean that the world is getting any brighter. All For One and Shigaraki have never been stronger despite their loss in the War Arc, and UA Academy is about to discover the lengths that will need to be taken in taking them down, once and for all.