My Hero Academia Reveals the Big Three's Graduation With Special Sketch

My Hero Academia has been focused on the war between the heroes and villains with its latest chapters, but some special new art has made time to give U.A. Academy's Big Three a proper graduation! The final act of the series has been speeding through one intense fight after another as it really only has been a single year since Izuku Midoriya and the others enrolled into the school. Bad things have been happening at such a rate that the normal school stuff has been brushed under the rug since Japan is in the middle of a massive crisis.  

During this massive fight between the heroes and villains, the series has been making other developments outside of the panels that moved each of the characters forward. One of which was each of the third years officially graduating from the school and becoming full fledged pro heroes in their own right, but this was also something that had to unfortunately happen quickly. In some special art from series creator Kohei Horikoshi, the Big Three of Mirio Togata, Nejire Hado, and Tamaki Amajiki got to have their graduation. Check it out below: 

As the final war between the heroes and villains gets even more intense with the latest chapters of the series, there will likely be other usual school events that won't be seen in the series anymore. Because things have been progressing at such a speedy rate for Izuku and the others, there won't be much time to showcase all of the smaller moments for each of the other heroes that were able to be seen in the first era of the series before things got to this point. But now it remains to be seen how it all will be wrapping up in the future. 

Izuku and the others still have quite a bit of school left even after this final war against the villains comes to an end, but it's really hard to imagine what kind of future the series could have after such a chaotic war now unfolding. With the series getting ready for its grand finale following this final fight, there's a lot that could be accomplished with a time jump spent showing off more of moments like this. But what do you think? 


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