My Hero Academia: What to Expect from Chapter 271?

My Hero Academia has quickly proven itself to be the must-read manga under Shonen Jump thanks to its new arc, and it seems big things are to come in chapter 271. The next week will usher in yet another chapter of the hit series under creator Kohei Horikoshi's control. Now, fans are starting to wonder what will come from this new chapter, and is here to breakdown the different possibilities coming for them.

For those who are caught up with My Hero Academia, they will know the most recent chapter was a huge one. Chapter 270 followed Present Mic as he learned more about Doctor Garaki and his twisted origin story. Not only did the madman spill secrets about his ties with All For One, but Shigaraki made a terrifying comeback as well. The boy was shown accepting his master's will from within his consciousness, and it seems his power boost is ready to go as he awoke in the chapter's final pages.

Now, chapter 271 is on its way to advance the ongoing war arc, and there are three possible tangents this release could follow up on:

my hero academia

To start, the first tangent lies with Shigaraki. Chapter 270 left fans on a massive cliffhanger as Shigaraki woke up and Izuku felt the villain's power from far away. There are a lot of questions which fans have about this boost Garaki gave the boy, and it will make Shigaraki truly worthy of inheriting All For One's mantle.

The second story which needs revisiting the one unfolding between Hawks, Dabi, and Tokoyami. The fiery baddie was so close to killing Hawks when the Class 1-A student bursted in with his Dark Shadow. Fans are not sure if Dabi will end up fighting Tokoyami, but it seems very likely at this point.


Finally, the third tangent needing a visit is that of the front lines. The Pro Heroes made a charge against the Paranormal Liberation Army, but that assault has been divided up into fronts. The first front line needs to be checked in on, and that means readers could get an update on Izuku after the boy felt Shigaraki's ominous awakening.

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