My Hero Academia Shows Just How Well Bakugo Knows Izuku

My Hero Academia has spent a lot of time working on Izuku and Bakugo. The two boys may have grown [...]

My Hero Academia has spent a lot of time working on Izuku and Bakugo. The two boys may have grown up as friends, but somewhere along the way, their close friendship delved into an abusive one. Izuku entered high school with Bakugo being his bully, but that has changed in the manga. And now, the series is showing fans just how well the blonde knows his friend.

The whole thing kicked off this week when My Hero Academia put out its chapter. The update took time to check in on the kids in Class 1-A after Izuku left the school. It was there fans learned that Bakugo is the one who pushed the class to find the boy, and Bakugo told everyone why before long.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Deku Bakugo
(Photo: TOHO Animation)

Once the students got a lead on Endeavor, Bakugo got the chance to tell the pro hero how dumb it was to isolate Izuku. The hot-tempered student makes it clear that Izuku should not be left alone with All Might on this mission, and Bakugo knows that because he sees the parts of Deku that hide.

"You don't know the first thing about Deku," Bakugo spits out when he gets the chance to confront Endeavor about the mission. "He's screwed up in the head. The guy never takes himself into account. Just says crap like 'I'm. fine.' All Might become the Symbol of Peace with the same mindset, so he won't be the one to stop Deku."

This confession is a brutal one, and it does cut deep at Izuku. After all, the boy does is self-sacrifice to a fault. He has shown so time and again in My Hero Academia, and Bakugo is fed up with the whole shtick. Izuku proves how right his friend is when Class 1-A reunites with the boy only to be told he's doing fine. So if you ever doubted Bakugo's attentiveness, you can think again.

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