My Hero Academia Unveils Class 1-A's Strategy to Save Izuku

My Hero Academia has revealed Class 1-A's strategy for saving Izuku Midoriya... from himself. The latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga sees Deku facing off against Class 1-A after his friends refused to heed his call to leave him alone. Izuku has become obsessed with the idea of finally taking down All For One by himself, without any of his fellow heroes getting hurt and/or killed, as they did in the bloody War Arc. However, Class 1-A is equally resolute in their collect pledge to back Midoriya when he needs help more than ever - and they show Deku that they indeed have a plan for how to save him.

My Hero Academia Chapter 321 SPOILERS Follow!

In the first part of My Hero Academia's little "Civil War" arc, Class 1-A showed they had new special moves and coordinated strategy for trying to both corral Izuku and mentally sway him back from the dangerous and isolated place that he's trapped in. Well in chapter 321, Class 1-A steps up their two-pronged strike to a serious finish!

Instead of simply trying to tell Izuku that they have his back, Class 1-A knows that they have to show their friend that they can actually back that claim. To that end, Class 1-A students like Bakugo, Mina Ashido, Shoto, and Ochaco all combine their quirk powers and training for one singular purpose: launching Tenya Ida past all of Deku's counterattacks and diversionary tactics. Ida comes crashing in to order to deliver a simple gesture: taking Izuku's hand and letting him know that no matter how fast or hard he tries to run away, his friends will be there to keep step.

When Izuku yells at Ida to let go of his hand (and by extension, let go of his caring about him), Class 1-A's president has some of Izuku's own idealism to throw back at him:

"I will not [let go]!" Ida tells Izuku. "Ingenium the hero will dash across the land to take a lost child by the hand. 'Because giving help that's not asked for is what makes a true hero.'"

My Hero Academia How Class 1A Plans Save Izuku Midoriya 321 Spoilers

The title of this chapter is revealed to be "From Class A To One For All" in the final panel, and it hammers home the thematic importance of this little Civil War arc in My Hero Academia. The concept of the "One For All" power is it being one passed down and shared; with Deku truly uniting with his classmates in this fight, One For All takes on power new meaning.


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