My Hero Academia Cosplay Revisits The Mother Of Bakugo, "Bakumom"

Though she has only appeared for a brief scene within My Hero Academia, Bakugo's mother, referred to by fans as "Bakumom", has become a fan favorite within the anime franchise, and one fan has perfectly captured the explosive aesthetic of the young hero's mother in some amazing cosplay. With Bakugo continuing his bid to becoming a professional hero while battling against the progress of his rival in Midoriya, it's clear that he not only received his powers from his explosive parent, but also his short fused personality where he blows his lid at any moment!

Bakugo has some serious anger issues that he still needs to work on, though this hasn't stopped his rise as one of the most powerful young heroes that make up the roster of Class 1-A! Since first appearing in the anime franchise, the explosive hero has come a long way, managing to work alongside Deku from time to time and learn how to better control his Quirk which gives him the ability to blast away opponents in his way with his bomb burst like powers!

Instagram Cosplayer JayMCee shared this impressive cosplay that brings to life a new interpretation of Bakugo's mother who left quite the impression during her first appearance where she met with All Might and discussed the progress of her explosive son at UA Academy:

Though the fourth season of the anime has come to an end, Bakugo is currently battling the fight of his life within the pages of the manga during the Paranormal Liberation War! Teaming up alongside Deku and the professional heroes of their world, the war sees Shigaraki and the League of Villains getting an insane power up and making their long time bid to change the world into one that has the antagonists at the top of the food chain!

What do you think of this amazing "Bakumom" cosplay? Do you think we'll see a return of Mitsuki Bakugo in the future of the series? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and UA Academy!