My Hero Academia Fan Flips the Script with Viral Momo Cosplay

My Hero Academia has its share of cosplayers, and some manage to bring their looks to all-new heights when they put their heads into it. For many of them, they find creative new ways to bring their go-to heroes to life, and the students of Class 1-A are often sampled. So when one fan decided to genderbent Momo, it is safe to say the fandom was going to make it viral.

The cosplayer goodbye_eli got the fandom buzzing when he posted their look to Reddit. The guy is a big fan of My Hero Academia, so they decided it was about time Momo got to experience a special cosplay. And what better way is there to do that then gender-swap Momo for a cosplay?

As you can see below, the cosplay is pretty much perfect. The DIY look brings Mom's belt to life with some coated padding, and her bodysuit is not shirked. The cosplay put in their own neckline which dips below their navel, so it aligns with Momo's usual outfit perfectly. The facial hair and coifed hair only make this look better, and we are loving the attention to detail.

Of course, fans were quick to praise this cosplay for its creativity and choice to remain faithful to Momo's look. The outfit which the heroine wears has come under fire time and again for its risqué nature. This gender-swapped take on Momo makes everything a bit fairer for those fans, and the cosplayer says they are glad to break the norm stereotype when it comes to genderbent cosplays.


"More people need to realize that cosplay is about having fun and representing characters you love," goodbye_eli shared. "I try to use my platform on Tik Tok and Instagram to encourage anyone to cosplay whoever they want, no matter the gender."

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