My Hero Academia Cosplay Defies Gravity With Ochaco

My Hero Academia has given Shonen fans plenty of superheroes that fill the ranks of UA Academy, [...]

My Hero Academia has given Shonen fans plenty of superheroes that fill the ranks of UA Academy, with Ochaco being one of the most famous superheroines to arrive thanks to Kohei Horikoshi's popular franchise, and one fan has perfectly captured not only the aesthetic of Uravity but her Quirk as well. With Ochaco continuing to have a crush on Deku, thanks in part to his personality as he tackles some of the most dangerous threats that any student of UA Academy has ever seen, it has placed her into something of a rivalry with the insane villain known as Toga.

Uravity got into the crime-fighting game originally as a way to elevate her family out of poverty, hoping to make a name for herself so that she could gain fame and fortune to help her parents, though things have changed throughout the period of time she's spent learning how to better utilize her Quirk. While her power over gravity hasn't been used offensively, for the most part, she's found herself able to leverage her Quirk time and time again in their training exercises as well as the various battles against villains that have populated the series. As the series continues, we're sure to see her become even more powerful alongside her classmates.

Instagram Cosplayer Caitlin Christine shared this impressive Cosplay that uses some ingenious computer-generated graphics to help in showing off the true power of Uravity's Quirk, manipulating the gravity around her as she attempts to become one of the next big crime fighters of the world:

The fourth season of the anime is currently focusing on the Joint Training Exercise Arc, with Uravity being placed on Midoriya's team, and the two being joined by Alien Queen and Mineta. This battle is perhaps the most anticipated of the latest arc as it will see Deku facing off against Shinso, the aspiring hero who is neither a part of Class 1-A or 1-B but has used his Quirk of brainwash to secure the former a massive win in this battle between students of UA Academy.

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