My Hero Academia Cosplay Turns To The Dark Side With Toga

One of the fan-favorite villains of My Hero Academia is easily Toga, the blood ingesting villainess who has proved to be one of the most valuable members of the League of Villains throughout the history of the Shonen franchise, and one cosplayer has created a pitch-perfect version of the antagonist in the real world using some killer cosplay! With the fifth season of the anime set to debut this spring, expect to see a big return for Toga in the works as the spotlight will be placed squarely on Shigaraki's gang in the next installments of the universe of UA Academy!

Though Toga has some events planned for her in the fifth season of the anime, she has recently been a key part of My Hero Academia's manga as the series has just wrapped one of its biggest arcs to date in the War Arc! In the saga, Toga had to come to grips with the loss of many of her fellow villains in the struggle against the heroes and made a failed attempt to actually become friends with Uravity, hoping that they could forge a bond based on their mutual crush on Deku! Of course, this plan went to pot when Ochaco realized that Toga has murdered an elderly woman in order to get close to her to kick off their conversation!

Instagram Cosplayer Blood Raven shared this impressive set of photos that show off this pitch-perfect take on the antagonist Toga, wearing her creepy mask that would hide the devilish grin that she would normally sport fighting against the heroes and attempting to express her love for the young hero Midoriya:

Toga originally joined the League of Villains following the arrest of Stain, the villain that was attempting to create a world where heroes weren't fighting crime simply to gain fortune and fame, but because they genuinely believed in righting wrongs and saving lives. Toga herself is quite insane and works with the League in order to make sure that no one can "tell her what to do", which just so happens to include administering death and destruction across the world.

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