My Hero Academia Art Pictures Dabi's Without the Scars

My Hero Academia likes to keep fans hanging when it comes to certain mysteries, and one of its [...]

My Hero Academia likes to keep fans hanging when it comes to certain mysteries, and one of its favorites has to do with Dabi. The villain is one of the most scrutinized characters in the anime as fans try to figure out how he could be related to the Todoroki family. In fact, the fan-theory has become one of the most prevalent in the fandom, and one bit of artwork is fueling that speculation today.

It was not long ago that the user sutaruberi got the fandom buzzing on Reddit with their art. The user shared a piece they did where they pictured Dabi without his scars. The injuries are some of the most notable parts of Dabi, and they obscure many of his natural features. But if you peel the burns back, you are left with a striking look.

As you can see below, the artwork pictures Dabi with a burn-free face and the same goes with his neck and hands. What fans are left with is a man with an angular face, sharp nose, and spiky black hair. His light blue eyes do not pop as much against Dabi's unmarred skin, but they are hard to miss when they come into focus.

Edited out Dabi's scars to see what he'd look like- from r/BokuNoHeroAcademia

If you were to compare this edited picture to one of Endeavor, it would be hard to tell the difference. Yes, Dabi is lankier than the new Number One Hero, but he has the facial features down. The only thing that separates them is the hair color, but all it takes to change that is a simple bottle of hair dye.

My Hero Academia fans admit this mock-up has convinced them more so than ever that Dabi is the lost son of Endeavor, but it is up to creator Kohei Horikoshi to confirm that. So many pieces of evidence point to Dabi being Touya at this point. But until they are put together by the mangaka, fans are left in limbo with Dabi and his mysterious past.

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