My Hero Academia Creator Shares Emotional Deku and Bakugo Sketch

My Hero Academia has reached a critical moment in the fight against Tomura Shigaraki with the newest episode of the sixth season, and the creator behind the series has shared some emotional art to celebrate Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo's big moment from the newest episode! The sixth season of the anime started out well for the heroes as they caught the villains by surprise, but it was quickly revealed that it was the heroes who were not truly prepared for just how deadly the villains have become. This was especially eye opening for Deku and Bakugo at the center of it all.

The newest episode of the sixth season sees Deku and Bakugo pushing themselves beyond their limits as they are the only ones who know One For All can be the only thing to beat Shigaraki (and know how much they need to keep Shigaraki away from that power), and at the end of the episode Bakugo moves in a way he didn't expect as he wanted to save Deku at a critical moment. It's such a scene that My Hero Academia series creator Kohei Horikoshi had to honor it with a special sketch for the two on Twitter: 

How to Watch Deku and Bakugo in Season 6

Episode 122 of My Hero Academia is an especially critical one for Deku and Bakugo as they realize that Shigaraki has a lot more of All For One's abilities at his disposal. The only reason they're in the mix in the first place is because One For All is the only thing that can stack up against the villain, but at the same time, this puts Deku in a more precarious position than ever as Shigaraki has more opportunities to steal the ability and make himself stronger. 

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It's a push and pull that Bakugo has been struggling with as even through their tag team, Bakugo was unable to do any real damage to the villain. Watching Deku from afar, Bakugo gets even more frustrated at his own lack of ability in the face of Deku getting in so much danger. It shows how much closer the two of them have become, and it's what you can now check out with My Hero Academia Season 6 now streaming with Crunchyroll. 

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