My Hero Academia Explains Why Hawks Admires Endeavor Despite His Abusive Past

My Hero Academia's newest chapter explained why Hawks still admires Endeavor despite the current number one hero's abusive past. Kohei Horikoshi's original manga series is now in the midst of exploring the fallout of the massive war between the heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front, and much of that fallout has been unraveling all of the complicated feelings each of these heroes have. We had been previously privy too Hawks' deeper connection with Endeavor due to how much the hero's iconography helped Hawks as a child, and the newest chapter of the series explores this more in full.

The latest string of chapters have been exploring Endeavor's destructive path with the rest of his family, and it was soon revealed that Hawks and Best Jeanist had overheard the entire conversation. But even after finding out about all of this, Hawks' own tragic upbringing has helped him see the number one hero in a much different light as he still has admiration for his favorite.

My Hero Academia Hawks Endeavor Admires Abusive Past Explained Spoilers Manga
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Chapter 303 of the series picks up right after Shoto and the rest of the Todoroki family declared how they would be focusing on putting a stop to Toya's rampage as Dabi, and Hawks and Best Jeanist want to tag along for the mission. Hawks revealed that he was indeed surprised to hear about all of this abuse, but he pieces together all of that story together with his own past to form an opinion about the Todoroki family.

But with the world falling into as much as chaos as it has, and even if what Dabi says about his past is true, Hawks has already made up his mind. Purposing a team up between the top three heroes going forward, he doesn't want the Todoroki family to burn the burden themselves. He knows Endeavor is different now, and that drive to change himself is what is allowing Hawks to ally himself with the hero.


He wants to lend his support to anyone trying to improve themselves, and that includes himself as well because he's trying to break free of his own traumatic past. He's found a common soul with the struggling Todoroki family, and it seems like helping Endeavor is going to be one more way that Hawks can help himself.

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