My Hero Academia's Hawks Voice Actor Shows Off Demon Slayer Cosplay

My Hero Academia's fourth season showed off the abilities of the number two hero Hawks in the battle against the "High End Nomu" with the voice actor for the winged wonder, Zeno Robinson, showing off his love of the Demon Slayer anime with a cosplay of his own! The two anime franchises tussle for superiority when it comes to overall ratings of their television series and overall manga sales, but it's nice to see them "make peace" through fan creations, even when that creation is put together by the English voice actor of Hawks.

A second season for Demon Slayer has yet to be confirmed though the cast of Tanjiro and his demon hunting friends will be returning this year to their own feature length film in Demon Slayer: Infinity Train! With a fifth season confirmed for My Hero Academia following the finale of season four, it's clear that the war for bragging rights between these two franchises is going to continue for some time. With Demon Slayer already outselling the titanic One Piece in terms of manga sales, it looks like My Hero Academia is going to have to play catch up!

Zeno Robinson shared the cosplay of Tanjiro from Demon Slayer on his Official Instagram Account, proving that the union between two huge anime franchises can be a beautiful thing if the creator has a love in their hearts for both series that are in the public eye:

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(Photo: Ufotable & Studio Bones)