My Hero Academia Gives Best Look at New Iida Funko Yet

My Hero Academia is easily one of the biggest anime franchises running today, giving us a new world of super heroes to sink our teeth into, and a brand new look at one of the series' Funko Pops gives us one of our most in-depth looks into a figure made for Class President, and all around uptight hero, in Iida, aka Ingenium. The humorless student within the ranks of Class 1-A might be far too into his life as a student, but that doesn't stop him from showing off his amazing quirk of "ignition" on a regular basis.

Iida's Quirk almost seems like it should belong to a different character than the class president, considering how rigid his overall personality is. The hero known as Ingenium comes from a family of super heroes, with his brother holding a similar title and heroic appearance to his own. During the "Stain Arc" however, Iida had to go through a brand new hurdle with his older brother was critically injured by the "hero killer" and thus the student at UA Academy did something entirely uncharacteristic for his usual self and set out on a journey of revenge.

Twitter User DisFunko shared this closer look into the upcoming My Hero Academia Funko Pop (see at GameStop) that shows off Tenya Iida's super hero alter ego, Ingenium, which he wore in order to honor the legacy of his family that was nearly destroyed thanks in part to the evil acts of Stane:

Iida himself didn't have a huge role to play in the fourth season of the super hero anime, mostly being on the sideline for the Overhaul Arc and then being wrapped in the creation of Class 1-A's band during the brawl against Gentle Criminal in the second half of the season. The story of UA Academy will continue in the already confirmed fifth season, and we're sure to see more of Iida in both this as well as the major story line currently running through the franchise's manga in the Paranormal Liberation War!


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