My Hero Academia Backs Class 1 Into a Big Problem

My Hero Academia has had its share of tough moments, but few can compare to the chaos witnessed in chapter 283. The manga did not hold back with its take on the failed raid against the villains. With Shigaraki and the baddies on top, it seems impossible for the heroes to pull out a win this time, and Class 1 is beginning to see that for themselves. After all, the students were just backed into a desperate corner, and it has left them wondering whether they made things worse for the raid.

The issue plays out at the beginning of the chapter. Class 1 is left watching Gigantomachia in shock as the massive villain cleaves his way through the ground. Even Momo is stunned by the sight before her, and fans realize at the same time that something has gone wrong.

It turns out there is a problem with the class and its plan to knock out Gigantomachia. Despite the fact Kirishima got sedatives in the beast's mouth, it seems the chemical cocktail does not work on the monster. Gigantomachai is as strong as ever, and it is Mineta of all people who breaks done the bleak situation.

My Hero Academia Izuku Mom Danger Gigantomachia Manga 282

"Our decisions. Our moves. Did we do the right thing? Really? And the heroes too? Did they make the right choices? Seriously?! This whole nightmare... Didn't we just make it all worse," the boy asks as the monster continues his journey.


The last fans see of Gigantomachia in this chapter is during its attack against a city. The metro area was between the monster and Shigaraki, so Gigantomachia had no qualms trampling it on his way to his master. The destruction shows tons of high-rise buildings crumbling while civilians below are doomed to be hit by the wreckage. And with villains on their way to back the beast up, it is hard to imagine a scenario in which the heroes can clean this mess up to pull out a victory.

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