My Hero Academia Smears Endeavor's Legacy In Latest Chapter

My Hero Academia's manga is currently dealing with the ramifications of the conclusion of the War Arc, with hero society struggling following the revelations that were revealed about numerous heroes within the community, and it seems as if Endeavor's skeletons in his closet have destroyed his reputation. While the fire-based hero attempted to follow in the footsteps of All Might by attempting to become the next Symbol of Peace, it seems as though his dream of surpassing All Might is through as regular civilians are now turning against Endeavor and the heroes of the world at large.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, Chapter 311, you might want to steer clear as we'll be diving into spoiler territory.

As a result of the battle against the Paranormal Liberation Front, Endeavor's darkest secrets have been revealed with Dabi being revealed as his son Toya, not to mention the terrible treatment he put his children and wife through in order to create the next generation of heroes. Though Endeavor has recovered from the injuries he received during the hero and villain war, it's clear that his reputation among the general populace is far from being healed at this point.

My Hero Academia Endeavor
(Photo: Studio Bones)

Following a brief encounter between Endeavor and a band of low-tier villains, the number one hero joins Best Jeanist and Hawks to think about what the next steps should be as villains run amuck following the prison break that freed so many evil-doers. Unfortunately for the father of Shoto Todoroki, the general populace appears and begins throwing things his way, expressing their displeasure at the turn of events that Endeavor helped facilitate. The many protestors threw various insults and jabs his way:

"If you hadn't let Shigaraki and his people get away, we wouldn't be dealing with all these escaped convicts."

"Just seeing your face makes us feel hopeless all over again."

"The grieving relatives of the victims Dabi burned to Ashes went on TV. Did you even see that?"


Needless to say, Endeavor has nothing to say, realizing that any possibility of him becoming the "Symbol of Peace" is now completely gone, though that isn't stopping him from attempting to stop the nefarious plan of All For One and his powerful followers.

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