My Hero Academia Formally Introduces All For One's Newest Lackey

My Hero Academia is in a scary place these days, and readers are eating up the manga at every turn. The war is on as both heroes and villains are vying to take control over society. With All For One on the loose, Izuku has become target number one given his quirk, and it seems his bait tactic is about to pay off. After all, a new villain has just been introduced, and they seem to be part of All For One's party.

The moment came to pass at the very end of My Hero Academia chapter 311. The manga spent most of its time checking in on the top pro heroes, but the cliffhanger switched to Izuku. The boy was taken off guard when a woman destroyed his phone, and the villain quickly told Izuku he better come with her if he wants to keep his limbs.

"Come quietly and you get to keep your limbs," the unnamed vixen notes.

As you can see, the villain should look familiar as she was once a prisoner at Tartarus with All For One. She broke out of the prison with the rest of the gang. At the time, My Hero Academia fans were enamored with her looks as they knew little about her powers or character. And now, it seems they will find out more about her soon.


There is no word on the villain's name or why she was in prison, but her quirk is certainly terrifying. It seems she can transform at least one of her arms into a huge gun. The weapon is able to shoot at long range and with deadly accuracy, so Izuku was right to call her a hired gun. Now, the boy will have to fight this baddie if he wants to get info on All For One, but her power seems to be beyond what our hero is accustomed to. So if Endeavor wants to lend a hand to Izuku, well - we wouldn't mind it one bit!

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