My Hero Academia Teases Spinner's Moment in the Upcoming War

Spinner has been an interesting antagonist since joining the League of Villains following the defeat of Stain in the second season of My Hero Academia's second season, with the lizard-like antagonist not having the power of Shigaraki, Dabi, or Twice, but finding unique ways to move forward the goals of All For One and company. With the latest chapter of the manga, All For One reveals his plans for hero society and describes the major role that Spinner will have when it comes to transforming the world into one that is much more accommodating to criminals.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, Chapter 328, you might want to steer clear as we'll be diving into serious spoiler territory.

All For One currently sees attaining the power of Deku's Quirk, One For All, as simply a "mid-game" goal, with much loftier ideas in mind for the world as he lays out his plans for not only changing Japan but the entire world, which has plenty of similarly minded villains as the head of the Paranormal Liberation Front. With America's number one hero, Star and Stripe, on the way to Japan to battle against Shigaraki, All For One takes the opportunity to parse out Spinner's role in his new regime:

"In the days to come, you Spinner will support Tomura Shigaraki in his crusade and do justice to your name, as one who spins this tale. You were a veritable nobody and as a heteromorph, you have led a difficult life. You hear the rumblings already don't you? So many out there sympathize with your cause from the shadows." 

Spinner might not have an insanely powerful Quirk, but his influence as a lizard-like being who has suffered torment as a result of his appearance has made him a perfect figure in selling the League's ideals to the world. Using the media presence of Skeptic from the Meta Liberation Army, All For One's forces don't just have serious power backing them up but have covered several other bases including public perception and politics, leaving the heroes of the world in quite a terrifying situation.

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