My Hero Academia Timeskip Graduates Several Top Heroes

My Hero Academia may have gotten off to a gentle start back in the day, but that simplicity is far [...]

My Hero Academia may have gotten off to a gentle start back in the day, but that simplicity is far gone at this point. If you did not know, the manga has taken the superhero series in a dark direction as of late. The most recent arc of the series put pro heroes in the worst spot in recent history, and it seems our favorite students are now living in a broken world upon their recent graduation.

If you are caught up with the manga, you might have caught the little update. My Hero Academia pushed forward a brief time skip following Izuku's exit from UA High School. The boy seems to be on his own fighting villains away from school right now, and he is doing a bang-up job. Of course, Izuku is taking some serious hits doing this work, and one of the worst offenses is that he wasn't able to graduate to his second year with his friends.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Opening
(Photo: TOHO Animation)

Yes, that is right. A new school year has finally started in My Hero Academia. The time skip has pushed high schoolers into their next year, so you know what that means. Class 1-A is now Class 2-A, and the Big Three have formally graduated after reaching the end of their senior year.

The information was given out quietly through Shindo and Nakagame, a pair of heroes we met previously from Ketsubutsu Academy. The two are now third-year students despite having been second-year students in their introductory arc. This means the turnaround has come for UA Academy as well. Now, there is no telling what Aizawa has his students doing given the current climate, and they are most certainly missing Izuku. So if we are lucky, the gang will all reunite before too-too long.

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